Monday, April 30, 2012

Examples of wallpapers in use!

Here's some examples of the wallpapers in use!
Each of the wallpapers shown below are all free and available! Just use the tabs above (Chevron, Quatrefoil, Pattern, Solid) to find them!

You have two options of where you can add the backgrounds.  You can add them to your lock screen (the initial screen that comes up when you push the top button or home button on your's where the slide bar is that brings you to your home screen), or you can add them to your home screen (behind your apps).

What they will look like once they're added:
iPhone Lock screen

 iPhone Lock Screen

iPad Home Screen

iPhone Lock Screen (my current one!)

iPad Home Screen

Hope you enjoy the wallpapers! If you're a user of them and would like to see more added, let us know by recommending us on Google with the button at the bottom of this post! Thank you!

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