Hope you enjoy the free wallpapers and backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad! 

Each wallpaper is available for iPhone and iPad. Make sure you save the correct image for your device. The iPhone designs have been created to fit iPhone 4S and older, and more iPhone 5 wallpapers are currently being added! The iPad designs have been created to fit all versions of the iPad as well as the iPad mini!  The iPhone wallpapers will also work for the iPod Touch.

Here's a few FAQ about the wallpapers and backgrounds.  Hope these answer any questions you may have.  If not, send us the question to thelatestfind@gmail.com in reference to Make it...Create, and we'll get back to ya!

Q. Which models of iPhones do the wallpapers work on? How about the iPod Touch?
Our iPhone wallpapers work on iPhone models 4S and older, as well as iPhone 5. Our iPhone wallpapers for 4S and older work for iPod Touch up through 4th generation.  iPhone 5 wallpapers also work on iPod Touch 5th Generation.  
Q.  Which models of the iPad do the wallpapers work on?
A.  Our iPad wallpapers work on all models of the iPad , as well as the iPad Mini.  The reason for this is because all models of the iPad and iPad Mini have the same aspect ratio, which is 4:3.

Q. Do you make wallpapers and backgrounds for Android devices?
A. Unfortunately, right now we are currently only designing these in three different screen sizes: (iPhone/iPod Touch, iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5th gen, and iPad/iPad mini. These designs are offered completely free, and are very time consuming to make in multiple different resolutions/aspect ratios to fit all Apple & Droid devices
Q. When will more colors come available, and is there a certain order that the colors will come available in?
A.  We are always working on new designs and color combinations.  They are not released or made available in any specific order.  We will be randomly adding to each type of pattern.  We will notify via Facebook & Twitter when new ones come available.  

Q. What specific resolutions are your wallpapers and backgrounds?
A. Our iPhone wallpaper resolutions are 640x960 for iPhone 4S and older.  Our iPad wallpaper resolutions are 1536x2048.

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